Sir Francis Bacon Peanut Brittle is “pure evil,” says ipsedixit. “Will make you want to give up your first born … Go, get some now.” The ingredients, says ipsedixit, are: “Smoked bacon, sugar, peanuts, corn syrup, butter, baking soda, vanilla, salt.” That’s right: bacon is the first ingredient, and therefore the most plentiful by volume. “Why do you think it’s called ‘Bacon Peanut Butter Brittle’ and not ‘Peanut Butter Bacon Brittle?'” reasons ipsedixit.

Another favorite bacon peanut brittle is from The Redhead. LNG212‘s husband prefers it to Sir Francis. But the two brittles are very different, catering to different tastes.

“When I think of brittle, I think of something more like Sir Francis,” says Miss Needle. “To me, Redhead serves candied peanuts with bacon bits. It’s fine but I miss the biting into a ‘bark.’”

LNG212 agrees with that assessment, but adds, “I think that’s exactly why DH likes it so much—it doesn’t have the sugar/syrup/candy chunk part. It’s more like roasted nuts with bacon and some maple sugar.” For the record, smokeandapancake is NOT a fan of The Redhead brittle. “It’s just candied peanuts with candied bacon bits on it,” laments smokeandapancake.

“I just ordered some. Never go on Chowhound when you’re hungry. Thanks for the recommendation,” says LA Buckeye Fan.

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