“When it comes to Lebanese, you may keep your Carousel, you may keep your Carnival, you may keep your Cedar House–my love lies with Skaf’s,” declares Das Ubergeek.

And now there’s twice as much to love.

A new Skaf’s has opened in Glendale, with all the same great food and some fancified additions. Oh, and it’s got décor. And parking!

Instead of order-at-the-counter, there’s table service, and the menu is a bit bigger. It includes hummus with beef and pine nuts, more salads, desserts beyond baklava … and frog’s legs.

This is one of the few places that will cook shish kebab to medium rare if you ask, and the portions are gigantic: A $9.95 shish kebab plate comes with a dish of the best hummus in the world, a deep bowl of cabbage salad, a big pile of rice, a tomato, two pitas, and two skewers of some very tasty steak.

Oh, and it’s still family-run—the patriarch is keeping the original location going, while his wife, son, and sister-in-law are in charge of the new place.

Skaf’s Grill [San Fernando Valley]
6008 Laurel Canyon Boulevard, North Hollywood

Skaf’s Lebanese Cuisine [Eastside]
367 N. Chevy Chase Drive, Glendale

Board Link: Skaf’s Grill, now in double vision!

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