Russian Gourmet just opened up about a week ago, and it’s well worth a visit, says mikester. There are all sorts of Russian items: juices, sodas, truly delicious chocolates, teas, and butters. There’s also a range of frozen dumplings, including pelmeni, and Russian cheese and charcuterie.

There’s a cold case, too, with a wide variety of very reasonably priced caviar. Some of it’s only $6 for a good-sized tin. There are even bags of branches, for beating your fellow comrades with at the sauna, says mikester. Elena, the lady in charge, is very welcoming and gracious, happy to answer questions.

There’s a small lunch menu, and a few tables and chairs. No Chowhounds have yet tried it though. So go! Try!

Russian Gourmet [Orange County]
22722 Lambert Street, 
Suite 1701, Lake Forest

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