What if food bloggers rewrote all of Midtown’s lunch menus? The result might be a welcome upgrade, if the new Chubby Chinese Girl sandwich at Cer Té is any indication. Named for its omnivorous, contest-winning inventor, it features soy- and citrus-marinated roasted duck seasoned with hoisin and a gentle hit of Sriracha, topped with pickled cucumber and radish, lettuce, and cilantro, all tucked into a grilled baguette. Call it “the love child of Peking duck and banh mi,” as she puts it.

“Extremely tasty, nicely spicy, great bread,” sums up mlle_mustard. chompchomp rates it just B-plus—“good, not amazing”—but adds that “by Midtown sandwich standards, it’s a real triumph.”

The Chubby Chinese Girl (expect funny looks from others in line when you order, advises carcrash) is on Cer Té’s menu at least through this month and possibly beyond, if it catches on. The early response suggests it’s a keeper.

Cer Té [Midtown]
20 W. 55th Street (between Fifth and Sixth avenues), Manhattan

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