Owned by chefs whose résumés include stints at Absinthe, Delfina, and Jardinière, Trueburger is clearly aiming high with its hamburgers. And while hounds think the beef is, uh, nice (“Not juicy but the meat seemed freshly ground,” says singleguychef), higher praise is reserved for the bun, which the blog Tasting Table reports is a half-baked challah bun that’s custom-made for Trueburger by the Bread Workshop in Berkeley. “The bun was substantial and rich, nicely toasted,” says 10foot5, who observes that it seems like the same bread is used for the croutons in the Caesar salad.

There’s a good veggie burger made in-house of portobello mushrooms with mozzarella. “I’d call it almost a fritter, and quite tasty. The mushrooms are sliced, rather than chopped,” says myriamg.

But let’s not be too harsh on the beef burger, which JasmineG describes as: “Nice sized burger, very juicy, good meaty flavor, good quality condiments, and vegetables on top (especially the pickles, which tasted either housemade or specialty).” Plus there’s a nice touch of aioli, and perfectly crisped and salted fries on the side.

Trueburger [East Bay]
146 Grand Avenue, Oakland

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