Berkeley favorite Vik’s Chaat House has finally—FINALLY—opened in its new location. “Everything is newer, cleaner, brighter, nicer and more functionally laid out,” in both the restaurant and the market, says BernalKC. “Most importantly, the cholle batura [deep-fried flatbread with spicy chickpeas] are just as massive and steamy and wonderful as they were before.”

Although the menu is largely unchanged (there are a few more combo options), abstractpoet loved a special of chicken rogan josh, a tender and flavorful curry. Masala dosa addict TopoTail thinks Vik’s version “is better than Udupi Palace’s, though perhaps it’s just the coconut chutney that’s better. Vik’s also serves what is hands down the best mango lassi I have ever tasted, and I’ve ordered it in plenty of places.”

And adrienne156 says, “The lamb samosas, when not too liquidy, are probably the best things at Vik’s, imho.”

Vik’s Chaat House [East Bay]

2390 Fourth Street, Berkeley

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