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"As an American-born Bengali, I am learning something new here! I do eat in exactly the order you mentioned, but I never thought about it or was taught to do it that way. How bizarre to hear people explain my lifelong eating habits on the Internet." - Pia, on the correct way to eat South Asian food

"When I accidentally added too much oregano to my pizza sauce tonight and didn't feel like milling more whole San Marzanos, I finally opened up the Luigi Vitellis (strained). I was so pleasantly surprised by the bright, fresh flavor!" - Olive123, on canned tomatoes

"Which European nation (including Eastern Europe, of course, but not Turkey or the Caucasus) has the strongest predilection for truly piquant food? Hungary naturally springs to mind, but it occurs to me that the unassuming Brits, doubtless because of the continued cultural reverberations of the Raj, have a taste for the hot n' spicy and may give the Hungarians a run for the money." - Perilagu Khan

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