In search of good Korean barbecue, fondue asked if there was a “must go to” spot around Boston. Short answer: No. Hounds tout a variety of Korean joints, but it turns out that each has its downsides as well as its strong points:

Chung Ki Wa
Good: High-quality meats; a nice, complex housemade chile sauce; lipoff says they have the greatest variety of panchan around, sublime tea, and serve a delicious yogurt drink after the meal.
Bad: Avoid the noodles, says lipoff; robertlf is no fan of the salads or sushi, either.

New Jang Su BBQ Restaurant
Good: Easygoing atmosphere; beloved by local Koreans.
Bad: No booze; waiters tend to cook dishes on aluminum foil instead of directly on the tabletop grill; “They also scolded us for touching the food while it cooked and having the waitress hanging out at our table was a little off-putting,” says noodlely.

Korea Garden
Good: Nice banchan selection; very traditional food, including side dishes like steamed egg and bean paste soup.
Bad: No tabletop grill, though they do have portable grills brought upon request; parking can be difficult.

Good: Nicer dining room than other options; better ventilation than other places; wonderful sushi, including many vegetarian maki; lipoff says that the best thing there is the sujeonggwa, the persimmon punch served after the meal.
Bad: lipoff says that “both the beef and the panchan are a cut lower.”

Chung Ki Wa [North of Boston]
27 Riverside Avenue, Medford

New Jang Su BBQ Restaurant [North of Boston]
260 Cambridge Street, Burlington

Korea Garden [Allston]
122 Harvard Avenue, Boston

Koreana [Cambridge]
154 Prospect Street, Cambridge

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