Follow that taxi: There’s a good chance it’s bound for Big Arc Chicken, an Egyptian grill that feeds not only cabbies but also bar-goers and other nighthawks until 4 a.m. The signature chicken, flattened and grilled to an appealing char, is cheap and dependably good (except when it’s dried out by regrilling).

Besides chicken, Big Arc offers a lavish spread of kebabs, sausage, fish, and other meats on the grill. And beyond the grill, look for meat or vegetable stews and curries. bigjeff recommends spicy stewed vegetables and rich, robust braised beef; “the cooks really take pride in what they are serving and don’t insult the customer with bad food,” he adds.

Big Arc Chicken [East Village]
223 First Avenue (between E. 13th and 14th streets), Manhattan

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