In a sad corner of Clifton Park Center, a courtly but unsmiling gentleman cooks up burgers and other shopping-mall fare—plus glorious gyro sandwiches that boast abundant, flavorful meat and thick, garlicky tzatziki. “We’ve always felt badly for him,” says fisher. “Keeping that kind of business going in a dying mall food court has to be hard.”

She and her husband, departing from their usual double order of gyros, splurged on a carry-out minifeast of excellent gyros, souvlaki, and Greek salad with extra tzatziki and grilled pita—and finally coaxed a smile out of the proprietor. “Maybe I imagined it,” she adds, “but I think he was happy to find folks who like his greek selections instead of the burgers.”

Grill and Sub [Saratoga County]
In Clifton Park Center food court
22 Clifton Country Road, Clifton Park, NY

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