When looking for New York City restaurant recommendations, Paris Hilton probably isn’t the first person one would turn to. In fact, a restaurant with Hilton’s endorsement would likely scare off the typical foodie—maybe that’s why Manhattan’s Butter recently rid its website of a video clip of Paris plugging the restaurant on Letterman.

Still, food blogger Ganda Suthivarakom of Eat Drink One Woman kept an open mind when she visited this trendy East Village eatery with a friend who works in Butter’s kitchen. Her friend claims that Paris:

1.) Always brings flowers for the chef when she comes in.
2.) Couldn’t be more gracious to the staff and
3.) She eats. Yes, she really eats! And she tips really well.

Flowers for the chef? It’s not often that Ms. Hilton gets press for doing something so courteous and kind. Now, keep in mind that Suthivarakom visited the restaurant with a staffer on a Wednesday night, so she got great service and didn’t have to deal with a maddening crowd of celebrity-stalkers, but that said, she loved the space and the food, from the “panko-doused crispy oysters … nestled on a dill-fragrant tartar sauce and showered with edible purple flowers” to the “raspberry beignets dipped in creme anglaise.” Sounds surprisingly tasty for a spot that’s better known for hosting celebrity-studded affairs, like after-hours Prince concerts.

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