Before opening last spring, Saraghina got some pizza pointers from the hound-endorsed Luzzo’s. The resulting Neapolitan-style pie aces Luzzo’s thin, crisp crust and might just be Brooklyn’s best, Daniel76 suggests (though fans of the temporarily shuttered Totonno in Coney Island “might have something to say about that,” he allows).

The minimal pizza menu includes marinara, margherita, prosciutto-mushroom, ortolana (zucchini and eggplant), and KateC.‘s favorite, capocollo, topped with slices of cured pork shoulder. “A place to visit on any serious pizza eater’s list,” Daniel declares.

Or maybe any serious eater’s list, period. Check out the daily-changing menu, which favors seasonal flavors and farmers’ market produce. Recent winners have included sautéed broccoli rabe with sausage, wonderfully fresh smoked mozzarella with sautéed mushrooms, and artichoke and fennel in a splendid white wine sauce.

Saraghina has gotten a fair amount of press. Peter Pizza in Bensonhurst has not, but for SpankyTomato‘s money it’s the best pizza in Brooklyn “that no one knows about.”

She describes “sublime” pizzas, among them the Nonna, a thin-crust square with fresh mozzarella, dark tomato sauce, and herbs; and the Sophia Loren, a sesame seed crust topped with fresh tomato sauce and garlic. SpankyTomato is among those erstwhile fans of Di Fara in Midwood who loved its famously acclaimed pizza but not the overall experience; “now with the wait and the cost, it’s not worth it,” she says. “Peter makes pizza like he was born doing it and will regale you with amazing stories of Brooklyn while he’s slinging pies.”

Tay finds Peter Pizza pretty good, though short of sublime. In the general area, she gives the edge to La Casa Bella in Bath Beach.

Saraghina [Bedford-Stuyvesant]
435 Halsey Street (at Lewis Avenue), Brooklyn

Peter Pizza [Bensonhurst]
2358 80th Street (at Stillwell Avenue), Brooklyn

La Casa Bella [Bath Beach]
2579 Cropsey Avenue (at 26th Avenue), Brooklyn

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