Minnesota is pretty isolated. It’s smushed up there next to Canada. It’s snowing a lot of the time. And outside of Minneapolis and St. Paul, there’s not much big-city culture going on. (Although I hear they make a mean hot dish.)

Still, I never knew it was this isolated. The headline of this article from a small-town paper that services both Wahpeton, North Dakota, and Breckenridge, Minnesota, reads “Eating a Lot of Fast Food Can Lead to Serious Health Issues.”

Here’s the opening line:

Wilkin County employees received some startling health related information Tuesday during a presentation that revealed life-changing facts.

Now, coming from a smallish town myself, I hate to poke fun at the rural, but I had to check the date multiple times to make sure this article was current. If the good people of Breckenridge, Minnesota, are startled by the news that fast food is bad for them, they might need to get out more.

The lecture also featured a visual aid:

The county employees viewed a documentary about an activist who only ate food from a fast-food restaurant for an entire month without stopping.

I think it might have been this film.

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