City Beer is a newly opened beer store and tasting room unlike any other beer store around. You’ll find a wide variety of specialty beers from around the world, arranged, interestingly, by style rather than by region. Belgian beers, for example, are grouped into singles, dubbels, trippels, and lambics, with American versions of those styles arranged alongside.

They’ve also got a license to serve beer, so they’ll open any bottle and serve it for a corkage fee of $1! Best of all, prices are surprisingly reasonable. Girardin Geuze lambic costs $9, and is served chilled in the proper stemware.

They’ve got four beers on tap, with 6 oz. tasting pours available. Tap selection rotates.

City Beer [SOMA]
1168 Folsom St., btwn. 7th and 8th, San Francisco

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