The masala dosas at Madura Indian Cuisine are good enough, but the chutneys that accompany them are spectacular, especially the tomato and coconut versions, says mdg. In fact, “dosa variations seem to be like barbecue variations,” mdg theorizes: “Madras Cafe is more like Texas style where the dosa is the star and the chutney, if any, is secondary; Madura is more like Kansas City where the chutney plays a more central role, though the dosa itself is still very important. One’s not better than the other, it’s just a different stylistic emphasis.”

Madura specializes in the vegetarian cuisine of India’s southernmost state, Tamil Nadu. (Madras, a.k.a. Chennai, is a city in Tamil Nadu.) zartemis, a big fan of Madura’s thalis, or combo meals, says they’re too generous to finish, featuring more variety in vegetable curries than most other places. However, zartemis prefers the rava dosas at Saravana Bhavan, but not SB’s madhouse atmosphere.

Madura Indian Cuisine [South Bay]
1635 Hollenbeck Avenue, Sunnyvale


Madras Cafe [South Bay]
1177 W. El Camino Real, Sunnyvale

Saravana Bhavan USA [South Bay]
1305 S. Mary Ave, Sunnyvale

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