Dining underwater usually means [yawn!] eating in a waterproof restaurant with a view of the ocean on all sides. The Brits, however, have pushed things a bit further.

The Telegraph brings us an utterly inconsequential but highly entertaining account of 500 people gathering beneath the surface of a swimming pool in Acton, West London. Their goal? Setting the record for the world’s largest formal underwater dinner party.

Consuming a three-course gourmet meal while dressed in formalwear may be a snap on dry land, but it turns out to be an intense challenge for those dining underwater. The trick is mastering the art of holding one’s breath, eating, restoring one’s breathing apparatus, and then breathing again. The key to serving and eating food underwater, it turns out, is coating the courses in a layer of waterproof jelly. That may keep the food from disintegrating, but it doesn’t make it much easier to actually consume.

When your waiter serves you, hold the jelly parcel in your hand — the silver forks on the table are simply for decoration. Take a deep breath, the air tank regulator covering your mouth. Then remove the regulator and pop the food in.

Lest you think this exercise is purely silly—a perfectly reasonable conclusion—the stunt was designed to raise loads of money for six charities, including the British Heart Foundation and Save the Children.

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