Salt and pepper are all many Chowhounds require on a flavorful steak. If you wish to gild the lily, though, here are some delicious ways to dress your next one.

Many hounds like to finish steak with a pat of compound butter. weezycom uses sage, stone-ground mustard, parsley, and minced shallots in butter. Perilagu Khan uses salt and pepper, lemon juice zest, and a healthy amount of fresh thyme. Also good mixed into butter: smoked paprika or wasabi.

kasden sprinkles steak with garlic salt, then pats crushed peppercorns into the meat with a little olive oil and cooks in a cast iron skillet. Remove from pan, add sliced mushrooms and onions, and sauté until they begin to brown. Add some red wine and reduce, then add a pat of butter.

almansa likes a simple pan sauce of butter and Worcestershire sauce, while hannaone sautés sliced mushrooms, onions, and peppers in drippings from the steak. bitsubeats tops steak with harissa, and says, “holy crap is that good.”

For steak with a sunny feel, try topping with CHOW’s Chile-Lime-Tequila Compound Butter

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