So 9 a.m. may be on the early side for Chinatown, but it’s the right time to swing by the snack table, says Dommy.

Just off the sidewalk is a table loaded with dim sum items, fried plantains, and even turnovers. A heating cabinet keeps goodies like bao and Vietnamese spring rolls nice and warm.

The goods seem to be made in a closetlike mobile kitchen. Deep-fried French bread with prawns looks like a Chinese-style county fair gut-buster, but its freshness keeps it rather delicate. The bread is light, with a slight chew; the batter thin and very crisp; and the prawn shell makes it all extracrunchy.

Chinese snack table [Chinatown]
N. Broadway and W. College Street, Los Angeles

Board Link: Chinatown Snack Table – Get’em while they are hot!

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