For the month of Ramadan, which lasts till October 12, Indonesian eatery Simpang Asia is offering special meals, says WBGuy. Since observant Muslims fast during the day for the holiday, it’s meant to be a dinner special, but nonbelievers can get it for lunch as well—look for the little sign by the cash register that says “Buka Puasa” (“breaking the fast”).

The meal includes an entrée with appetizer or dessert and coffee or tea. The choices change periodically and include things like lamb curry or beef-tripe fried rice for the entrée and banana-coconut cold soup for dessert.

Observant Muslims might want to call to double-check that the meal is genuinely halal, as the restaurant’s regular meals usually are not. Of course, it would seem ridiculous to offer a nonhalal Ramadan menu, but … better safe than sacrilegious.

Simpang Asia [West LA]
10433 National Boulevard, Los Angeles

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