“When the weather’s warm, a cup of tea and the shaved ice at Kissako Tea revive the spirits,” says Cynsa. So whenever there’s a heat wave—which, for her, means anything above 73°F—she plops down at Kissako and gets her favorites: ginger green tea and a big bowl of matcha shaved ice. The shaved ice comes ujikintoki style, which means there’s a dollop of red bean paste on it. “The green Ujikintoki shaved ice melts creamy and soft on the tongue to contrast with the spoonful of sweet red beans…followed by sips of hot ginger green tea for an additional kick. It’s quite an enjoyable combination of flavors… for a quick interlude between browsing through the Kinokuniya bookstore and my friend’s search for dvds of Korean soaps that play on Japanese tv.”

Matcha latte here is also quite good, says Wendy_san. Unfortunately, the sweets are overpriced and of the same sort you can buy in the nearby grocery store.

It’s hidden under the stairway of the first floor of the Japan Center.

Kissako Tea [Japantown]
1581 Webster Street, San Francisco

Board Link: Ginger Green Tea and Ujikintoki Shaved Ice

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