Maybe if Danish Pastry House in Medford changed its name, hounds wouldn’t be so disappointed by the sweet pastries within. “Not worth the calories,” says gansu girl. “Most stuff just not that delicious,” agrees StriperGuy. Put down those pastries and try one of the sandwiches on incredible multigrain bread instead.

“This chicken salad cranberry sandwich on some bread, I’m not sure how many grains, but it was a lot, was phenomenal. I’ve always thought their breads were great, but man what I way to use them,” says louis22.

gimlis1mum speaks up for the panini too, particularly the ham, goat cheese, and fig panino, as well as the clam chowder. If you can’t stay for a sammy or the bounteous $15 brunch buffet that’s offered some months of the year, just get a loaf of that terrific multigrain bread to go.

Danish Pastry House [North of Boston]
330 Boston Avenue, Medford

Discuss: Is it weird that I came for the marzipan and left craving a chicken salad cranberry sandwich on 9 grain bread?
Danish Pastry House -Medford

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