We first reported the story of Freddie back in March: the English boy who hated vegetables so passionately that his (incredibly clever) mother came up with the Great Big Vegetable Challenge, a blog that documented her attempts to get her son to eat and like vegetables.

Parents around the blogosphere are wondering why they didn’t come up with that idea first, since it’s brilliant—and brilliantly successful. Freddie was trying vegetables, liking them even!

Then he and his mom hit okra.

They tried once—it was slimy. They tried twice—fried was not so bad. Then, Freddie’s (incredibly clever) mother asked for advice from readers around the world, who responded with suggestions and recipes. She followed a Greek recipe for okra and chicken in tomato sauce that had been sent to her by a reader in Athens, and all was right in the land.

Okra without the annoying slime? This is a dish I might have to try; I’ve never gotten around to liking okra either.

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