Lately we’ve been hearing a lot about a cetain writer who farms, but Andy Griffin of Mariquita Farm is a farmer who writes. And how!

His Ladybug Letter blog always provides a passionate and personal look into his world and the world of his farm.

In this week’s letter, he muses about what organic farming was like a couple of decades ago, before, as he writes, “the largest organic farms are owned by the largest corporate farms, and most of the little independent hippie natural food stores have been swallowed whole by the big fish, [and] vegetables are displayed for retail like sculptures or jewels ….”

Back then, delivering the bounty of your farm to the feminist organic produce distribution collective in San Francisco could be an adventure. Maybe you’d run into a couple of “pimp/librarians” at the liquor store where you had to pick up the ice you desperately needed to cool down your broccoli. Maybe a big storm would scatter potato box lids from the back of your truck across the highway and you would only be saved from a ticket by an unlikely transvestite angel.

His wistful romantic portrait of a moment in time in the cool gray city of love will make you pine for an era before organic arugula came in a cellophane bag.

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