Eggs are inexpensive, healthy, and cook quickly, making them a perfect centerpiece for lunch or dinner when combined with vegetables and other savory ingredients.

“I love making a composed salad with a poached egg on top,” says smtucker. “Break the egg and it becomes part of the dressing.”

sholli is a fan of asparagus topped with a poached egg and Parmesan, and says he puts poached or soft-boiled eggs “over anything—other hearty veggies (roasted Brussels sprouts, garlicky spinach or kale, etc.), homemade black beans with salsa, and even potatoes or a root veggie hash for a breakfast-as-dinner approach.”

ziggylu loves French lentils braised in wine and topped with a poached egg.

When she has leftover pasta sauce, JEN10 makes “eggs in purgatory,” or eggs poached in tomato sauce: Heat the sauce, crack eggs into it, cover and cook; finish with a sprinkle of Parmesan. She cooks eggs in salsa the same way.

“Really, you can poach eggs in almost anything!” says gwendolynmarie: “Wine, soup, it’s wonderful.”

Egg tacos are a quick dinner staple for gordeaux, who puts them in warm corn tortillas with salsa, cheese, and guacamole. shaogo makes creamed eggs by folding chopped hard-boiled eggs and roasted red peppers into béchamel flavored with a bit of dry mustard, and serves on toast.

More ideas: Egg drop soup; fried rice with eggs; and savory soufflés, such as CHOW’s Smoked Cheddar Soufflé.

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