Salt in coffee? ipsedixit thinks that with a dash of salt, “a Starbucks brew is actually bearable, and my coffee brewed at home is fantastic.” Auriana agrees. “I tried it in my coffee at work (which is also Starbucks) and it was greatly improved,” says Auriana. “I don’t bother with salting coffee at home though. Hub roasts our beans and his coffee is always delicious.”

But ipsedixit thinks salt improves good home-roasted coffee, too. “I started adding a pinch of salt to my home brew and it improved the complexion of the coffee significantly,” he says. “I suppose it’s the same principle or rationale for adding salt to things like fruit (e.g. pineapples, melons, etc.) and baked desserts (e.g. chocolate chip cookies). It acts like a flavor enhancer.”

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