Just in case parents across America weren’t having enough trouble steering their children away from brightly colored, sugar-saturated cereals, Kellogg’s offers kids a new temptation: Froot Loops Cereal Straws (now available in Cocoa Krispies flavor, too). The product is meant to help suck up the remaining milk after eating a bowl of cereal, but according to one Slashfood reader, the straws work even better for simply drinking milk:

I have [an] almost 6 year old and the commercial drew her in big time. So, we got the chocolate ones (tasted and looked like a Perrilene (sp?), but without the hazelnut flavor.) She had to have a bowl of cereal right away, and she tried to use it…didn’t work well. It got soggy and very icky…so, I poured her a cup of milk and she used it as a straw…now that worked!

Other readers chimed in to say that they don’t drink the milk leftover in a bowl of cereal anyway. Someone claimed that he drinks cereal with cold water (ew), and someone else suggested saving cereal-infused milk to include in muffin batter (I’m all for conservation, but that sounds germy and nasty, no?). Another reader took issue with the cartoon imagery of baby toucans snorting milk up their beaks:

uh, did anyone else click through to the site for this and find the opening animation a little, uhm, redolent of say, the uhm, 70s? Maybe along the lines (heh) of some illicit activities that may have taken place in the back room at Studio 54?

I guess sugar really is the new drug of choice.

Addiction starts young, people. And in the words of one Gawker commenter, “Watch it—that toucan is going to bogart your entire stash.”

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