Café Leila is pretty much the perfect place to have a lazy breakfast or a wrap, or just to hang out and have some excellent tea or coffee, says rworange. It’s everything that’s good about Berkeley, in café form. It’s got an almost entirely organic menu, fair trade organic coffee, and an extensive tea menu. And all the food is fresh and great.

The Greek omelet is delicious—filled with spinach, feta, farm eggs, and scallions. “The fresh dill folded into the egg made this omelet,” says rworange. Home fries are nicely browned, topped with a dollop of sour cream, and sprinkled with chopped green onions. Her omelet also came with tasty watermelon and toast with good raspberry jam.

The place is beautiful, too—“well thought out and inviting,” she says. There’s a patio with greenery and fountains, a nook with nice couches, and music at just the right volume.

Café Leila [East Bay]
1724 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley

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