These days, even many butcher shops sell pre-cut meat from boxes, but Wayland’s Meat, run by a husband and wife in Oakland, is a wonderful throwback, says Kayde.

“Wayland buys whole pork, lamb, and sides of beef, and cuts to order. They will split and slice marrow bones and short ribs, quarter rabbit, and debone that pork shoulder.” It makes some sausages in-house, including a polish-your-plate, slightly spicy pork sausage, and also carries Italian-style, chicken-apple, and lamb sausages. The shop is small, and the selection varies. “Last week they had fresh rabbit, free range chicken, ground lamb, and oxtails, aside from the standards,” says Kayde. Don’t see what you want? Ask anyway, as it could be in the back. Wayland’s also handles special orders promptly, part of the all-around great service you can find here.

Wayland’s Meat [East Bay]
3421 Fruitvale Avenue, Oakland

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