The correct cooking techniques and ingredients rich in umami will take a basic beef stew from simply hearty to deeply flavorful.

“The biggest key for me is browning the meat well,” says alanbarnes. “Not just cooking it until it loses its reddish color, but subjecting it to very high heat (skillet, broiler, gas grill, blowtorch, whatever) until it has a really good mahogany-colored crust on the outside.”

Seasoning is also vital. “Don’t underestimate the role of salt in your stew,” advises TorontoJo. “Salt and pepper the meat before browning it. Salt the stew while it’s cooking, taste it after the salt has had a chance to blend in, add more salt if you think it needs it. I also like to use soy sauce to add saltiness and an extra boost of umami.”

Richly flavored braising liquid helps. Hounds like to use good beef stock, especially in combination with fruity red wine or a stout or ale. “Guinness is a magical ingredient paired with beef,” says kattyeyes, while joonjoon likes Chimay in stew.

Beef stew’s flavor can be punched up with umami-rich ingredients. Try minced rehydrated dried mushrooms or powdered dried mushrooms, tomato paste, or Worcestershire sauce. “A few minced anchovies sautéed with the onions after browning the meat give a nice added dimension,” says King of Northern Blvd.

For a different spin on the dish, Val recommends this recipe for mahogany beef stew with red wine and hoisin sauce, which she says is “utterly awesome with horseradish mashed potatoes.” karykat says the hoisin “adds a sweet-sour-spicy note that is good.” Both reduce the hoisin a bit to avoid making the dish too sweet.

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