Chowhounds love lentils in a range of dishes representing cuisines from around the world. nomadchowwoman loves lentils with garlic and ginger, and says it is good served hot, room temperature, or cold (which also makes it ideal for picnics). “I always use French green lentils, which hold their shape so well,” she says, “and this makes all the difference.”

i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream is a fan of Ina Garten’s stewed lentils and tomatoes. “It is so, so easy to whip up and really comforting on a cold night,” he says. nofunlatte likes lentils with wine-glazed vegetables.

Lentils are frequently used in South Asian cooking. rainey says this red lentil curry is “quick and easy to prepare and extremely tasty.” “I’m rather keen on Ottolenghi’s spiced red lentils at the moment,” says Channa. “It calls for a long list of ingredients, but the dish absolutely bursts with flavour.”

“The one critical thing for any lentil recipe,” counsels GretchenS, “is some acid—citrus juice, vinegar, what have you. Anytime lentils are sort of meh they can be lifted with a good squirt of lemon or vinegar.” Aggressive spicing is often called for as well: CHOW’s Red Lentil Pâté relies on smoked paprika for a savory kick.

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