Fiorella’s is a dependable red-sauce hound favorite that’s been getting some love on the boards. How do they love Fiorella’s? Let us count the ways: The breadsticks that come out before the meal are hot, fresh, dusted with oregano and parmesan and served with a nice marinara. Italian classics like eggplant Parmigiana and gnocchi are always good, and the thin-crust wood-oven pizzas are fantastic: “Not quite as thin as many, but lovely,” says MC Slim JB. “The pizza is well-made, the crust has some integrity and the toppings are high quality,” says bear.

The Armenian-American owners also have a more casual place, Cafe Fiorella, in Belmont. Prices at both locations are happily reasonable: pastas are $13 to $15; mains $14 to $24 at Fiorella’s. BlueTrain84 had dinner for two there for a mere $45.

Fiorella’s [MetroWest]
187 North Street, Newtonville

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