What crazy things are our friends the Japanese up to now? What’s that? Loosening restrictions on their armed forces? Well, sure, but they’re also putting soy sauce on ice cream. International news agency AFP reports:

A Japanese company has made a surprise hit by creating a special blend for ice cream—said to taste a bit like caramel.

Yamakawa Jozo, established in 1943 and based in the central city of Gifu, said it has sold nearly 6,000 bottles of the soy sauce for ice cream since January, with daily orders picking up to between 70 and 80 a day.

The protean nature of soy means that this might not be mere craziness—stranger things have been accomplished with this ingredient. And the manufacturer has taken a craft approach to the product: The sauce is brewed in wooden barrels for more than eight years, and blended with sweet rice wine and starch syrup. Given the existence of ice cream flavors such as ox tongue, assorted meat, and cloned fish blood (requires registration), soy sauce might actually be considered darned reasonable by an objective observer.

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