The Smoking Gun has the facts on (and mug shot of, naturally) the hapless McDonald’s employee busted for serving a police officer an overly salted hamburger. The Big N’ Tasty burger in question was so Big N’ Salty that the officer reported feeling ill and went back to bust the employee in question. The burger jockey pleaded that she was just doing what the restaurant demanded, i.e., reducing “waste” of meat.

Everyone, naturally, has come up with the “a-salt on an officer” zinger, and good for them. It’s fun to play with language.

But that only scratches the surface of this incident’s potential for punny good times. Had it happened in a British-style chip shop, it could have been called “a-salt and battery.” Or had it involved fries topped with grated cheese, “agra-grated a-salt.” Huh? “Agra-grated”? Ha!

Or, of course, had it involved a restaurant worker who legitimately thought that the officer would find extremely salty meat somehow exciting or titillating, “a-salt with intent to thrill.”

This incident adds up to boom times for the peanut gallery, of course, with bloggers discussing how the officer got “salty” with the employee (AdPulp), how a McWorker went to McJail (, and a “salt in the first degree” (Princess of Princesses).

Thanks, Internets!

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