If you’re leery of Vietnamese food on plastic tables and under fluorescent lights, go to Brodard Chateau. It could be, like, a steakhouse or something, all solid wood and friendly service.

Salt-pepper calamari is “nothing short of outstanding,” says lil mikey, with large, delicate rings of fried calamari. Sole noodle soup is light, with large, tender pieces of sole in sea bass broth.

But the real winner is sea bass curry: large slices of shiitake mushrooms cooked to a perfect texture, with beautifully tender fish. The curry sauce itself is “so full of creamy curry flavor that it made you want to just drink from the bowl…which was a good thing, as it’s served with that excellent baguette that they make banh mi with,” says lil mikey.

Brodard Chateau [Little Saigon]
9100 Trask Avenue, Garden Grove

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