Some New Yorkers write off Carnegie Deli as a tourist trap that slings middling meats. But mix scraps of those meats with mashed potato and wrap it all in a rich, pie-crust-like shell, and you’ve got something hound-worthy, BigGuy says. That’s the giant meat knish, filled with pastrami and corned beef. It weighs in at around three-quarters of a pound, he reports, and is a bargain at $5.

Sarge’s Delicatessen does something similar, stuffing corned beef and pastrami into puff pastry. It’s called the Deli Wellington, and it’s “good stuff,” ChiefHDB promises. And for liquid sustenance, RGR recommends Sarge’s chicken soup with matzo ball and kreplach, $5 a pint or $7 for a 24-ounce serving dubbed the Souper Soup.

Carnegie Deli [Theater District]
854 Seventh Avenue (at W. 55th Street), Manhattan

Sarge’s Delicatessen [Murray Hill]
548 Third Avenue (between E. 36th and 37th streets), Manhattan

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