For Polish-style cured meats, bmacqueens makes the trek from Hoboken to Pulaski Meat Products in Linden. Kielbasa, hams, and deli meats—head cheese, bacon loaf, and the like—are first rate. This is also a good source for smoked fish, pastries, European-style rye breads, and Eastern European packaged and canned foods.

Around the corner, C&C Polish Delicatessen has a smaller deli section but a wider selection of sausages; grilowa sausages, perfect for grilling, are a highlight. And unlike Pulaski, C&C is open Sundays, making it a convenient stop before a backyard cookout or an outing at the Jersey Shore.

Pulaski Meat Products [Union County]
123 N. Wood Avenue (between Price and Elizabeth), Linden, NJ

C&C Polish Delicatessen [Union County]
11 E. Price Street (at Wood), Linden, NJ

Board Link: Pulaski Meats (and other stuff), Linden, NJ

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