Although once thought to be people, it turns out that Soylent Green is goldfish meat cultured in fetal bovine serum!

How long will it be before carnivores start satisfying their meat cravings with the same kind of science-y foodstuff that vegetarians have uneasily embraced—Quorn?

The Scientist magazine reports on the quest for “in vitro” meat. That is, meat grown in a cultured medium rather than raised on pastureland.

Cultured meat has its origins with NASA. The research was “driven by the premise that astronauts on long flights need easy access to meat that isn’t freeze-dried. Why not grow it in vitro? So they did. Cultured in fetal bovine serum and other media, goldfish muscle grew an average of 14%.”

Now the research is going ahead to help feed a world hungry for meat. And although some scientists believe meat grown in vats could hit stores as little as five years from now, hurdles do remain, like finding a less expensive cell culture medium—not to mention persuading people to buy it.

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