A hilarious post by Dan Mitchell on Slate’s Big Money website calls out the controversy sparked by an Australian KFC ad American viewers found racist. The TV commercial, which was discovered on YouTube, depicts a lilly white surfer-looking dude in the stands at a cricket match, with loudly cheering black people surrounding him, banging on steel drums, etc. He’s annoyed by the noise, deeming it an “awkward” situation. So he breaks out a bucket of KFC, the black people eat it and calm down, and he remarks, “too easy.”

KFC’s response, says Mitchell, was that it wasn’t intended for U.S. viewers, and that “It is a light-hearted reference to the West Indian cricket team.”

In this clip, an Australian news show discusses the controversy, and hilarity ensues.

White lady host: “Let me speak for the West Indian community. I’m married to a West Indian. He’s not a black West Indian … It’s actually a fact they love their fried chicken … They eat chicken. That is what they enjoy to eat … Would it be racist if it was a black man feeding a whole lot of Aussie guys a bunch of meat pies?”

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