Chicken, whether cooked whole or in serving pieces, is the star of many affordable one-pot meals, both homey and elegant.

thew describes a basic technique for a braised one-pot chicken dish that he notes is endlessly adaptable, depending on the combination of ingredients you use: “Cut the chicken into parts, brown, set aside. Sauté aromatics of choice. Return chicken to pan. Add vegetable matter. Add spices. Add liquid to halfway up the chicken, or all the way if you prefer. Simmer.” cheesecake17 follows these steps using onion, garlic, red and green bell peppers, and button mushrooms, seasoning with thyme, oregano, and red pepper flakes; add a can or two of stewed or diced tomatoes and their juices for the braising liquid and finish with capers and green olives.

ptwasheater is a fan of Marcella Hazan’s chicken fricassees. “Her cacciatore [scroll down] is TOTALLY different than an American version,” says ptwasheater. “It’s divine.” toveggiegirl thinks Hazan’s chicken fricassee with red cabbage is excellent, too.

joonjoon loves Cook’s Illustrated‘s French chicken in a pot. “The amount of chicken flavor you get out of chicken in a pot is incredible,” joonjoon says. “When I bit into that chicken it was like … wow, now that tastes like chicken!” Other French-inflected hound favorites include chicken with 40 cloves of garlic and chicken bouillabaisse from the Zuni Cafe Cookbook.

For a French-country-style braise, try CHOW’s Chicken Basquaise.

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