Chicago’s City Council outlawed foie gras back in April, and the city has been enforcing the ban. But according to a little news item in the Chicago Sun-Times, inspectors have not always found what they’re looking for. Take the case of one Cyrano’s Bistrot, Wine Bar, & Cabaret:

City health inspectors were originally sent to the eatery at 546 N. Wells after a call that the banned foie gras was being served. But they ended up shutting down the restaurant after finding cockroaches in the kitchen.

Chef-owner Didier Durand said he’s consulted with a pest-control agent and it appears the cockroaches are coming from rehab work in the building. He said he looks forward to cleaning up and reopening Friday night. ‘We have been open 12 years and we will survive that.’

No foie gras was found in the restaurant, Durand and the city said.

Well, thank heavens for that.

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