Hog’s head is international celebration food, enjoyed all over Asia, Europe, and the Americas, and it’s a wonderful treat. “The head is full of great meat, especially the cheeks,” says DallasDude. “However, be forewarned that the stench is quite foul when boiling the skull. I am not sure why, but the horrid smell can compete with even the most horrific scents known to mankind. The resulting broth is another story.”

Pig’s head is the preferred cut for New Year’s pozole, a Mexican and southwestern American soup or stew of pork and hominy, says paulj. Latvians eat pig’s head for Christmas, says DainaJ. “With the head, look to make such treats as fromage de tête de porc, crispy roasted pig head (a Chinese treatment), and Bath chaps (pig cheeks in bread crumbs, a decisively British dish),” says DallasDude.

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