junescook got some spicy hot peanut butter from Peanut Butter & Company and wonders: What do you do with really hot peanut butter? “The stuff is so heat forward that any peanut taste is masked; it is just plain HOT,” says junescook.

Spicy peanut butter would be perfect in Thai sesame noodles or as a satay dipping sauce, says maria lorraine. “Just leave out the chile or chile oil in the recipe. Lots of Thai and Indonesian dishes will work,” she says. As for the satay, “thin the peanut butter with a little fish sauce and lime juice, add some garlic, and you’re good to go,” says alanbarnes.

“First my thoughts went where everyone’s did—use it in Asian sauces etc.,” says coastie. “Then I thought about how good pepper jelly is with cream cheese. Maybe a sandwich of cream cheese, peanut butter and jelly … ”

“Ooooh! Or, because of the spiciness of the peanut butter you could use a sweet jelly,” says kubasd. “The thought of a raspberry jelly, cream cheese, and spicy peanut butter jelly sandwich makes me happy.”

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