Unrefined brown sugars reveal huge differences in flavor and quality, from superpremium boutique plantation sugars sold at specialty shops to the bags of refined brown sugar sold in the supermarket. But what about refined white granulated sugar? Some Chowhounds buy the cheapest store brand of white sugar. But beware, says Candy—some store brands are really beet sugar, which is perceptibly inferior to the slightly more expensive cane sugar. Look for phrases like “pure cane sugar” or “100% cane sugar” on the packaging; otherwise, it’s likely made from sugar beets. Domino and C&H are both brand names of cane sugar, though some store brands are also made from pure cane sugar.

What’s wrong with beet sugar? Try some for yourself, or learn from Candy’s experience. “It doesn’t even smell good and after an embarrassing occasion where my caramel sauce glued people’s forks to their plates I’d never risk anything with the cheap stuff again. … Beet sugar made it into my house once by accident and never will again,” she says.

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