If you’d like to see what it looks like to drink 1,000 beers in a year, Minnesota blogger James “The Opie” Lindsay lays it all out in a sophisticated spreadsheet-esque format that is as elegant as it is free of any moralizing or tortured self-analysis. His dream was to drink 1,000 beers in 2009. His methodology was to track each beer as he drank it, religiously logging type, time, and quantity consumed via an iPhone app. His crowning success occurred on New Year’s Eve.

His top five brews:

1. Pabst Blue Ribbon (107)
2. Grain Belt Premium (106)
3. Miller Lite (78)
4. Bell’s Two Hearted Ale (63)
5. Surly CynicAle (39)

(For those who don’t live in the Upper Midwest, the quality rating on those beers is: 1. self-evident; 2. bad, but beloved; 3. self-evident; 4. really good; 5. also really good.)

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