San Francisco Pizza serves an x-tudo (Brazilian burger) which is very good, and very, very, very large. The bun is five inches across. Inside is a half pound of hamburger. And thickly chopped pieces of bacon, hot dog, corn, peas, pineapple, two fried eggs, melted cheese, lettuce, onions, and tomato.

Oh, and shoestring potatoes.

And maybe a second hot dog. To be clear: these are not OPTIONS for what MIGHT come inside. This is what does come inside every order of X-tudo, The Stupendous Burger From Another Dimension.

Says rworange: you wouldn’t think the pineapple would work in this, but it adds it’s a nice sweet note. (Actually, Your Editor Thi isn’t really surprised by the pineapple. He was already bludgeoned past the possibility of surprise by the time we got to the peas.)

Every bite is a slightly different flavor combination. And, while it’s a fine sandwich as is, be sure to add some packets of mayo and catsup. With a full condiment load, it hits the next level. She says, “I’ve figured out how Brazilians always look so young and fit while eating this type of food. They must all die young. Eat delicious, die young. Sounds like a plan to me. Better than chugging Ensure later in life.”

Chowhounds compared this version to the version at East Bay Pizza thusly: the latter has more fries, and better presentation, but the former has the finer taste. And it’s bigger. Way bigger.

Be aware: this is a pizza joint run by Brazilians who used to run a more Brazilian-intensive restaurant. The menu you’ll get when you walk in the door looks mostly like a generic pizza chain menu…with some hints of Brazilian flavor (frango con catupiri pizza —with Brazilian soft cheese and hearts of palm; Portuguese pizza —with salami, linguica, green olives, onions, sliced hard-boiled eggs and virgin olive oil, etc.).

But if you want the x-tudo or the other pure Brazilian delights, you’ll have to beg for the Brazilian menu. There you’ll find such delights as roasted pork ribs, sauteed chicken in saffron sauce, and: X-tudo, The Stupendous Burger From the Twelfth Dimension.

San Francisco Pizza [East Bay]
1190 Macdonald Ave., Richmond

East Bay Pizza [East Bay]
12847 San Pablo Ave., Richmond

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