New Chong Qing destroys the competition, says ipsedixit. It’s better—and at $4 a bowl, cheaper—than its competitors. What are we competing in? Dan dan mein: Sichuan-style, spicy, sour, nutty noodles.

All of the famous Sichuan cold noodle places in San Gabriel are enjoyable, says JThur01, but New Chong Qing gets the edge for both flavor and value. The noodles themselves are spectacular, and the sauce is a red-pepper-infused slow burn.

Aside from the dan dan mein, the place makes fabulous kung pao chicken, says ipsedixit. The stir-fried lamb and seasonal vegetables are also choice, says CulverJack. But be aware that the “spicy and sour noodles” on the menu is an entirely different dish than the dan dan mein. It’s still great, though.

New Chong Qing [San Gabriel Valley]
120 N. San Gabriel Boulevard, San Gabriel

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