Pineapple fish, as executed at King Harbor, is quite possibly the perfect Cantonese dish, says Das Ubergeek.

The Cantonese tend to blend sweet sauces and fruit with protein, a tradition that in America has led down a slope slippery with cornstarch-thickened sauce, all the way to the orange chicken at Panda Express.

“King Harbor’s pineapple chicken, though, is large, deep-fried nuggets of flaky tilapia tossed with fresh pineapple and a sauce made from thickened pineapple juice. A few carrots lend an oh-no-what-have-I-done Western quality to the dish, but they’re easy to ignore. The fish is perfectly, perfectly cooked—flaky and, most importantly, still moist—but ripping hot.”

The house specials here are pretty good generally, says Tony, especially the squid and the chicken. Deep-fried tofu and pea shoots with garlic are solid too. Just make sure you stick with Cantonese dishes. It’s not quite San Gabriel Valley standard, but little outside SGV is.

King Harbor Seafood Restaurant [Little Saigon]
13018 Harbor Boulevard, Garden Grove

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