Chutneys’s kebab rolls are something like an Indian burrito—and they make one filling and delicious meal, says Servorg.

Tikka-style chicken, moist and well seasoned, is piled onto a piece of extra thick, fluffy naan. Onions, raita, and a cucumber-tomato mix top it off, and for “salsa” you can grab a minty sauce (light green is mild, dark green is spicy). Ground beef kebab is kind of like a Persian lula kebab: not highly seasoned, but a good alternative to chicken. There’s lamb too.

Rather than a fusion product, it seems like a variation on the kati roll, says anthead, which was invented at a Calcutta restaurant and took the rest of India by storm. But unlike Chutneys’s, the Calcutta version usually has a fried egg tucked inside.

A chicken tikka “burrito” costs $5.41 with tax.

Chutneys [West LA]
2406 S. Barrington Avenue, Los Angeles

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