Chowhounds are choosy about their chocolate chip cookie recipes, and which they prefer depends in part on the texture they like in the cookie: crisp, chewy, or a bit of both.

Mandymac can’t say enough about these chocolate chunk cookies, which are both crunchy and chewy. “Follow all of her instructions to the letter,” Mandymac counsels. “Yes, yes, yes,” concurs TorontoJo. “These are my favorite chocolate chip cookies—they are amazing! Small batch, great results.

foiegras‘ standby is Maida Heatter’s “positively the absolute best” chocolate chip cookies, which are a variation of the Toll House recipe where the baking soda is dissolved in hot water and beaten in after half the flour is added. “I find that adding it at the end yields a cookie that is flatter, like the ones I remember from childhood,” says foiegras, who likes them best made with equal parts white and whole wheat flour, Ghirardelli 60 percent cocoa chocolate chips, and 11 ounces of pecans broken by hand.

chowser‘s favorite when she wants a crisp exterior and chewy interior is this New York Times adaptation of a Jacques Torres’ recipe. Or, for crunchy, crisp cookies with an adult flavor, she likes this Neiman Marcus recipe. (chowser points out that this is the store’s true recipe, found on its website, not the recipe that circulates with the urban myth that Neiman Marcus charges an arm and a leg for its recipe.)

If thin, crisp cookies are your desire, try CHOW’s Crisp Chocolate Chip Cookies.

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