El Metate’s burrito with bistec a la mexicana is an odd beast.

First of all, you have to wait a long time for it. “I have to say that I have never had to wait so long for a burrito and I was starting to get a little discouraged and was hoping that the burrito was worth the wait. And surprisingly enough, it was,” says jupiter. It was completely unlike any burrito he’d had before. It tasted like it’d been stuffed with lomo saltado—fresh grilled steak, pan-seared onions, tomatoes, and fresh jalapeños. It was a fantastic combination, and, fortunately, not overstuffed with beans and rice. The burrito with chips is six bucks, and enormous.

The only other mention of El Metate is a three-year-old report in which we learn that the fish tacos and chile verde tacos are very good—at least, they were three years ago.

El Metate [Mission District]
2406 Bryant Street, San Francisco

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